Holidays Services


Rosh Hashana and Kippur

Ashkenazi rite

Services are celebrated on rue de Montevideo, 31th, as during all the year, please look at Calendar.

Guabay: Marc Kogel

Polish rite

Services are celebrated at CCEW (Edmond Weil Community Center), rue Dufrénoy.

Sefardic rite

ACTI organizes also services which are celebrated boulevard Lannes.

Services for young people

Organized and commented by Professor Claude Riveline, all the services are led by young people from the community who pray and sing according to our traditional tunes.

IMPORTANT: for all Rosh Hashanah and Kippur services, seats must be reserved at the secretariate (seats are limited)! Please send us an email by clicking on the dedicated link “Write to us” in the site banner, to see the price of seats, CLICK HERE.



Sukkot, Pessa’h and Shavuot

Services are celebrated according to ashkenazi rite of the Synagogue, at rue de Montevideo, 31th, please look at Calendar.