Shabbat’s services

  • For details of Shabbat’s Services times, please look at calendar (ask for password by sending us an email by clicking on top banner site).


  • Maariv’s Service of Shabbat begins at nightfall.
  • Sha’harit and Mussaf Services of Shabbat occured as usual on saturday morning, with Torah reading (7 plus one people are called).
  • Min’ha Service of Shabbat occured on saturday before sunset with Torah reading (3 people are called) and is followed by Seuda Shlishit.
  • Maariv’s Service for end of Shabbat occured after Seuda Shlishit.

Each morning Shabbat Service is followed by a Kiddush where all our faithful are gathered in the lounges of our Community Center. The atmosphere of our Shabbat Services is all the more pleasant as each week it is another of our devotees who have the pleasure of offering this Kiddush. You’re welcome as often as possible!

If you want to offer a Kiddush, don’t hesitate to contact us, all the prices are indicated on this page: PLEASE CLICK HERE.