Dear ‘hatan and kala, Mazal Tov!

To organize your ‘hupa at the Synagogue Montevideo, various steps are necessary. Some are part of the administration with which to contact; others are religious. The Rabbi will tell you all the steps to follow for this last point. For the ‘hupa itself, our shul will give you a warm welcome. The living rooms of the Edmond Weil Community Centre are at your disposal for a small snack.

The room at the Edmond Weil Community Centre is often used after civil marriage, as the Town Hall is only a 5-minute walk away. Many families come to the Synagogue on the Shabbat before or after the religious wedding so that the groom and his family can be called to the Torah. After the Shabbat morning service, you can offer Kiddush to your guests and the community, and you can organize a private meal on Friday evening or Shabbat noon, after Kiddush. Look Rooms’ renting page for more details.

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Spiritual preparation

Phone number of Rabbi Milewski: +33 1 45 04 03 30

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Dates where weddings can’t be celebrated