Bar Mitzva

At thirteen, a boy reaches his religious majority: he becomes an effective member of the community of Israel. Therefore, he is bound to observe all the prescriptions of Judaism and, therefore, he also acquires the right to participate actively in public manifestations of worship. He can now accomplish mitzvoth, in public, at the Synagogue, he begins to access to adulthood. Our Community is happy to serve as a setting for the ceremonies who honor his young Bné and Bnot-Mitzva.

As the Bar Mitzva constitutes an important stage in the life of the child, who becomes an adult, this exhilarating moment must be carefully prepared: it is about communicating to our children the pride of belonging to Judaism by teaching them its spiritual, moral and religious values ​​so that they can assume them with competence and dignity.

The procedure proposed by our Community is therefore intended to promote the religious formation of the future Bar Mitzva and to help parents prepare a ceremony which leaves an indelible mark on their child.

Indeed, celebrating a Bar Mitzva at the Synagogue of Montevideo does not mean for our Community to simply provide resources or premises. The families of the future Bar Mitzva should integrate into our Community, in particular by participating regularly in Shabbat services, an essential condition for the celebration of Bar Mitzva in our Synagogue.

The Bar Mitzva celebration for 13-year-old boys is a community celebration steeped in tradition.So putting on the Tephilines is a daily duty for every man in Israel. From the day of their thirteenth birthday, therefore, all boys are invited to perform this Mitzvah which they should, from that day on, observe regularly. Likewise, every Jewish man is required to be called to the Torah regularly (if possible at least once a month). Therefore, any child over the age of 13 can be called to Torah in our Synagogue and recite the corresponding blessings. The child will be happy to officially certify that he is ready to use this right which his age has just conferred on him.

Tradition has retained these two mitzvot to mark, publicly, in the Synagogue, the accession of a child to adulthood. Our Community is happy to serve as a framework for the ceremonies which honor its young Bne-Mitzvah. Thus, the young Bar Mitzva will be called to the Torah on the Monday or Thursday following his thirteenth birthday, except in the case where the child becomes Bar Mitzva on Friday or Shabbat. On Shabbat, he will be called to the Torah, along with his father and a number of people his family wishes to honor. If he meets the required conditions, he will be able to read the Haftara as well as all or part of the Sidra. In general, the Shabbat Kiddush as well as the breakfast on the day of the setting of the tephilines are offered by the Bar Mitzva family.

For further information or reservation, you can contact Secretariate by email or by phone +33 1 45 04 66 73 (please go on top of the site for the details).