Patrick Kaplan is dedicated to this work for the Synagogue of Montevideo.

Tsedaka is a “mitzvah”, that is, a commandment that everyone must observe. According to tradition, 10% of its income is devoted to it, the 10th, the tithe. It applies even to the poor who have received tsedaka; in his turn he must give to poorer than himself. In the name of a certain conception of justice, Tsedaka is thus a central element, unavoidable in all Jewish communities. This is the case in our community. The sums collected are used to come to the aid of all those whom life has left by the wayside.

This mitzvah cannot be accomplished without your generosity, especially during “Yamim Noraim” (Rosh Hashanah and Kippur) and Passover. But you can make donations at any time (on Shabbat, at a birth, for a bar / bat mitzva…).


Distributions generally take place twice a year (Tishri and Chanukah festivals) to majority people registered with the Casip-Cojasor Foundation.

The distribution of Tsedaka in our community is rooted in our values. Every year we make a distribution thanks to your generosity for the Tishri holidays and for Passover. For example, in 2019, we served 379 people, 166 of whom were registered within ACTI.

As usual, we are counting on your generosity to ensure that this action continues and will be always a source of pride for our community.

Tsedaka Committee