Who are we?




The Ohel Avraham community on Rue Montevideo is an Orthodox Synagogue. The rite is Achkenazi. Totally independent and private, our community is made up of more than 200 families and welcomes new members throughout the year in a traditionalist and friendly setting. It offers everyone the opportunity to attend all the services every day of the year (Sha’harit, Min’ha and Maariv). The community also accompanies its members throughout their religious life by allowing them to organize brith mila, bar / bat mitzva, weddings and by offering a service of ‘Hévra Kadisha.

Our Talmud Torah attracts many families from the neighborhood, Social Action, in conjunction with CASIP-COSAJOR takes care of people in difficulty and we distribute food vouchers during the Tzedakah distributions organized on the occasion of the major festivals of the calendar Jewish.

The Edmond Weil Community Center organizes cultural activities throughout the year. Its radiation was amplified during the 2020 containment by the transport of all our activities on Zoom’s platform. We have a partnership with the ECUJE of which we constitute the West-Parisian branch.

The EEIF Moses Montefiore Group is present in our offices and participates in major events of community life.

Interior view of the Synagogue